Pump Hub is the future of self-inflating wheel tech.


Can you image never having to pump your wheelchair or bike tires - ever again?


Pump Hub eliminates the problem of under-inflated tires with elegance and simplicity. As you roll, our wheels automatically inflate your tires - then shut off. Just flick a convenient switch and roll. Increase your performance conveniently.

You get a high quality wheel with a built in pump.


Our Story

The Pump-Hub creator, Kevin Manning, has been an avid cyclist for over 30 years, and an active member of a local bicycle club, the Oakland Yellowjackets.  He earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering  from San Francisco State University and designed and manufactured groundwater environmental cleanup pumps fresh out of college. 

While looking at a bike pump, it occurred to him that the easiest way to pump up a tire would be to not have to pump it up at all - to use the wheel and its rotation to do the work. The result is the Pump Hub: design as an automatic, adjustable pressure tire-inflation system that sits right in the hub of your wheel.

Kevin Manning

Kevin Manning


What's Next?

Kevin has partnered with Phil Wood & Co,  a leading manufacturer of wheel components for bicycles and wheel chairs. By supplying us their quality components, we've been able to produce some beautiful wheel chair wheel prototypes. We want to bring self-inflating wheels to the world, but need a little help in this initial production phase. We're excited to start our journey to replace the hand pump/floor pump/air compressor/ or any other method of tire inflation and make our wheels available to all.


Are you ready for self-inflating wheels?

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They really like us!

The days of the manual pump could be over.
— Daily Mail, UK
Pump-Hub means no remembering to check the tire pressure or pack a pump; no fiddling around with the valve and then racing to put the cap back on before the air wheezes out and your aching arms have to start all over again.
— Cult of Mac
This is an ingenious hub worthy of any commuter. The pure convenience of being able to pedal power your tires to maintain proper inflation makes this product a worthy purchase.
— Brett, Mechanic, Bikes Make Life Better
I’m the kind of rider who always pumps my tires up to the right pressure. This allows me to turn on the pump before I ride and let it pump up to the full pressure and not have to worry about it.
— Howard, Oakland YellowJackets